The very first ‘A’ School for the Deaf in Zambia
By Gunnar Dehli
13 Feb, 2023

Dear Friends,

Here are some more updates on ‘A’ Schools for the Deaf in Africa.

From Monday morning the 30th of January to Friday night the 3rd of February, we held the very first ‘A’ School for the Deaf in Zambia, in the capital, Lusaka.

Since we laid hands on Josephat Mulongo Lyadi to become a new Fatherheart ‘A’ School Team leader during our time in Uganda, I gave him the responsibility to lead this school. He is now the 3rd ‘A’ School leader in Africa (In addition to Ingrid Wilts and Benson Tello) and the very first Deaf ‘A’ School leader in the world! He is a gifted communicator, and he led the school in a very good way.

Team of Speakers: Samuel Begumisa (Uganda), Gunnar Dehli (Norway), Marie Claire Uwineza (Rwanda), Josephat Mulongo Iyadi (Kenya), team leader.

I was especially happy to see how Claire has developed as a speaker of this message. She is a Deaf pastor in Rwanda. I have worked with her for many years now, and I see how the revelation is deeply integrated in her, and she speaks with authority and with anointing.

We were 25 people altogether in the Zambian school. These participants were more mature than many of the people gathered in Lira the previous week, and their questions and testimonies proved that they really grasped the revelation. Lives were changed.

An illustration: I, as God the Father, tells them individually: “You are my Son, whom I love; with you I am well pleased.”

Many experienced a big relief after having written letters to their parents, asking them to forgive them for having closed their hearts to them and not having had a heart of sonship to them. Some of them even gave their parents the letter the very same day and testified how they experienced healing and restoration of relationships.

The group of Deaf Zambians at the Fatherheart School.

– Gunnar Dehli

Gunnar and Ingrid Dehli, of Oslo, Norway, share a distinctive niche in Fatherheart Ministries ~ bringing the revelation of the Father’s love to the hearing-impaired.

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