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The Re-Union 2024

The Re-Union is a one month gathering in a peaceful place which creates a nurturing environment for us to grow in awareness of God in us and gives us time to be in a place of silence, solitude, and simplicity. The Re-Union is for people who are experiencing and walking in the Revelation of...

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Report from ‘B’ School in Nairobi, Kenya

The school started Monday morning the 15th of January and lasted to the Friday the 19th at lunch. We were all together 47 participants. 22 of us came from the network of Deaf Ministries International and most of that group were deaf leaders and evangelists. The rest of the participants were...

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Sonship Books in Haitian Creole have been printed!

Exciting Update: We are happy to announce that 100 Sonship books printed in Haiti have been completed and delivered to our friends! 400 more books are on their way! We are so grateful for the support and donations that made this possible. Looking forward to seeing the impact of this revelation...

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Fatherheart Ministries is a global community bound together by the Father’s love. We are sons and daughters exploring what it is to live in Sonship and see life through the eyes of the heart.

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