‘A’ School – Musanze, Rwanda
By Josephat Mulongo
2 Oct, 2023


This is the third school in Rwanda. This time it was held in one of the coldest areas in Rwanda near the Rainforest where the Gorilla Park is situated. This area is near the Border of Congo and Rwanda into Goma. It is a three hour drive from Kigali, the Business City of Rwanda. Most of the days during this week in Musanze were rainy and very Cold for many hours of the day.

The participants were 35 in number, some had never been to any Fatherheart Schools held in Rwanda and others had either been to all Schools or at least one ‘A’ School so it was a mixed group of deaf participants.

Teaching Team

The school was led by Josephat Mulongo (Kenya) and second speakers were Uwineza Marie Claire (Rwanda), Samuel Begumisa (Uganda) and Ruth Njihia (Kenya) who was not able to be present physically but taught online.


We thank God that in these schools the Deaf experience the love of Father and deliverance also takes place. Hence in this particular School the testimonies are so profound to show the outpouring and effect of Father’s love.

There were twenty-three participants who came forward to testify but for this purpose we shall focus on three of them:


I have participated in three Schools so far this being the third school. In the first two schools I did a letter writing seeking forgiveness from my parents but never gave the letters to them nor sent them but this School specifically has got me fired up and ready to go to my parents asking them to forgive me for my past mistakes and not being a good son to them.


I am so thrilled with the Fatherheart A School. It is my first time to participate. I grew up without showing respect and love to my parents. However, I have received a valuable revelation for this glorious freedom.  That to truly receive the love Father is pouring out is to first receive the love for my earthly parents and also to receive forgiveness from them and to Forgive them too hence restoring my being a son to them hence my heart to fully openly receive freedom and Love from Father.

Hence with this Revelation impact in my heart I am determined to show respect, and love they deserve and change my behaviour by just loving them.


The first time I participated in Fatherheart School. I wrote a forgiveness letter asking forgiveness from my parents, this only instigated more pain in my heart caused by the hurt from my parents, the pain was even worse at this point that it prevented me from sending the letter to them.

Instead, I prayed and asked Father to send the letter to them on my behalf.

During this Fatherheart School, the revelation became more stronger and this time no pain, no hurtful emotions towards my parents, felt light and so relieved, hence made the decision to personally give this letter to my parents with the full assurance of absolute freedom in my heart from the burden of unresolved feelings and pains.

Challenges Experienced

We thank Father for His wonderful work among the Deaf in Rwanda. However, we would also like to share the obstacles encountered during the preparation process and also during the week for this school.

  • Due to the delay in receiving the budget for the facilitation of the speakers. It was difficult to find good prices for the return flight tickets and also flight seats at such moments are minimal if not full. This caused the delayed arrival of Samuel Begumisa for the School, because of that the program was affected. Though we are grateful that Father still worked it out for the good.
  • Since the community we minister this revelation to are Deaf, most of them don’t have the capacity to even pay for the participation fee hence they are left out yet they have the yearning and zeal to receive this revelation thus this becoming a limiting factor to some of them to participate.

The next Fatherheart Ministries ‘A’ Schools for the deaf are:

Fatherheart Ministries ‘A’ School for the Deaf in Kilifi, Kenya – 20th to 25th November, 2023

Fatherheart Ministries ‘B’ School mixed (hearing and Deaf) in Nairobi, Kenya – 15th -19th January, 2024


In conclusion, we are seeing and experiencing more and more testimonies of Father pouring His love in the hearts of the Deaf people. Deliverance, forgiveness, reconciliation and hope are so evident in these Schools. Each School carries a unique testimony of this transforming love of Father. We can’t say more but just look up and say “THANK YOU FATHER”.

– Josephat Mulongo

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