‘A’ & ‘B’ Schools in Pakistan
By Andy and Gunilla Glover
14 Nov, 2023

We recently arrived home after two wonderful weeks leading an ‘A’ School and a ‘B’ School in Pakistan.

During the ‘A’ School we welcomed 127 students from around the country including refugees from Afghanistan, girls who had been rescued from abusive relationships and some eunuchs. Many who attended were from non-Christian backgrounds and it was a joy to see their hearts open as we preached the Revelation of the Father. The testimony time at the conclusion of the school revealed the most of what Father had been doing during the week. It was amazing to listen to testimony after testimony of Father showing himself as a “Loving Papa”. We even had a number of children, who sat through the school with their parents, come forward weeping as they told of the Love they experienced. Most of the students were personally met in beautiful ways by Father, especially during the soaking time.

We filled all of the 50 student places for the “B” School in the second week. As we shared about living out a relationship with the Father from the place of “Sonship” this stretched many, but by the end of the school it was clear that it had a great impact. There is a lot more that we would like to share about what Father did, but are unable to due to sensitivity.

We do want to say a huge thank you for all the partnership and prayer that was offered up in support of us and for those who attended these schools. We do appreciate this very much.

Looking ahead, we are now making plans for Pakistan 2024 when we will be doing another “A” School for Pakistanis, but also an “A” School for refugees from Afghanistan, translated in their own language. We are also looking to hold a conference in Karachi prior to these schools.

Much Love
– Andy & Gunilla Glover, FHM

Andy and Gunilla Glover have ministered in more than fifty-five nations, pioneering churches, leading Bible schools, speaking at schools and conferences, and working on multimedia projects. Now, as leaders in Fatherheart Ministries, they’re taking the revelation of Father’s love to countries where Fatherheart Ministries’ presence is just beginning to be felt.

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