Report from ‘B’ School in Nairobi, Kenya
By Gunnar Dehli
5 Feb, 2024

The school started Monday morning the 15th of January and lasted to the Friday the 19th at lunch. We were all together 47 participants. 22 of us came from the network of Deaf Ministries International and most of that group were deaf leaders and evangelists. The rest of the participants were mostly hearing pastors and leaders from Kenya. From the DMI network we had representatives from Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, DR Congo, Burundi, South Korea, Kenya, Norway and Malaysia.

The school was held at Dimesse Sisters-Karen Spirituality Centre, Karen Rd, Nairobi, a beautiful catholic conference centre.

Josephat Mulongo (Deaf pastor) and Benson Tello (hearing pastor), both from Nairobi, were the local organisers of the school. Rani Supperamaniam from Malaysia joined the team too.

Olav and Unni Slåtten and Ingrid and Gunnar Dehli from Norway were the speakers.

The school expenses, including sponsoring of travel cost for the speakers and the participants from DMI, were covered by Norwegian sponsors.

The school was a success!

It is always a challenge to see if a combined event for Deaf and hearing will benefit both groups. The feedback from both hearing and deaf participants, and their testimonies at the end of the school, proved clearly that it worked out well.

A ‘B’ School is based on the teachings in an ‘A’ School, where the focus is on God the Fathers love and on the Sonship we receive through Christ. The ‘B’ School aims to let his understanding and experience grow deeper in our hearts, to enable us to walk in this reality as Christians.

Lots of testimonies from both deaf and hearing persons showed that The Holy Spirit had brought revelations and changes into peoples lives. Unforgiveness, shame and self condemnation were among the things some of them testified were gone. Joy had taken their place.

We thank Father and all sponsors for making this school possible.

– Gunnar Dehli

Gunnar and Ingrid Dehli, of Oslo, Norway, share a distinctive niche in Fatherheart Ministries ~ bringing the revelation of the Father’s love to the hearing-impaired.

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