The Tale of Two Houses
By Luke C Goss
5 Feb, 2020

A Poem by Luke C Goss

Deep and wide foundations with freezing cold floors
Damp and dark bedrooms with intimidating doors
My house of this world is a broken down shack
Full of fear, shame, anxiety and lack
Forged in the deficiencies of family and foe
Built upon by bullies with wounds that grow and grow
A shut down heart; lost, confused, unknown
With simply no alternative but to go it alone
The rooms feel empty, vacant, void, rough
Their only inhabitants, bags of unwanted stuff
One reads: ‘the approval of man’, another ‘get get get’
One’s named ‘the cry for belonging’ that on earth will never be met
Shame like a fog billows through every room
Clouding all thought, no seed allowed to bloom
“What will they think of me?” “What will they say?”
The relentless Orphan Spirit, never far away
Echoing through the house, soft but persistent drips
Heard around every corner, the whisper of the accuser’s lips
“There’s something wrong with you” “You’ll never be enough”
Piercing words that torment the soul, lies cold and tough
BUT there is another house that happens to also be mine
A home more real and true, my place within the Divine
Beautifully built just for me with the bricks of perfect love
Crafted by my Father, the Son and the Spirit, the dove
No baggage of fear or shame does here clutter any room
Just absolute belonging pouring from the Bridegroom
The walls are painted bright with ‘value, ‘worth’ and ‘joy
The roof tiled with significance, a wide open door for His little boy
In these rooms, I am heard, I am known, I am seen
The truth becomes reality as I awaken from my earthly dream
I am the beloved son, the favourite, the apple of His eye
This is the tale of two houses, and yet I’ve not quite said goodbye
The broken down shack, I still often frequent, but now only as a guest
My response? Cry ‘help’ then fall back to my heavenly home and REST!

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