I’m so proud of you
By David Berard
25 Apr, 2019

The INS was full of so many deep moments with the Father, from enjoying the beautiful nature on Great Barrier Island to sitting alone with Him and just hearing Him say:

“I’m so proud of you.”

To be honest, those were the last words I ever expected to hear from God, but I wanted to hear them so badly. I had lived a life that was driven by trying to earn love, failing, and then finding false comforts to soothe my aching heart. So to hear Him say “I’m so proud of you” was shattering, in the most wonderful way. Everyday there was more, everyday he seemed to have something new to say, or an embrace that touched a deep longing in me for His love.

It has now been 5 years my INS and I am still experiencing the love and fruit from the words that He spoke to my heart back then, and having even deeper encounters with Him. I have left Great Barrier Island but He has continued to pour himself into me, He has continued to heal me and so much of that process began at the INS. I had prophetic words given to me during the INS that I began to experience unfolding in my life only a year or two after returning home. They were the first words over me in my Christian life that had nothing to do with my “doing” but rather my “being” or being His beloved son. The INS provided space for me to encounter the Father, and to continue the adventure as a son, with my Father, but free of so many burdens and wounds that I had unknowingly carried with me before. It was an experience that I will never forget, and one that I am sure I will continue to have revelation from long after today. Hallelujah!

– David Berard, Canada
YWAM staff, New Zealand 2010-2012

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