Fatherheart Ministries in West Africa
By Andy and Gunilla Glover
19 Dec, 2019


It thrills our hearts to share with you that the Fatherheart Ministries ‘A’ School in Pakistan was an amazing success! We had planned for up to 80 students but got 108, they came from all over the nation, some traveling over 36 hours to get to the camp ground, which was 90 mins drive north of Islamabad in the Pakistani Punjab.

Among the group we had some former Muslims, they were some of the most open ones that we had, their hearts simply drank in the revelation of the Father’s Love. We give every one an opportunity to receive what we call the ‘Father’s embrace’, some of these people had never been held and loved like that before, this was such a life changing experience for them. For security reasons will be keeping their identities hidden.

For us in the west it’s difficult to imagine the persecution that believers go through in places like Pakistan. Only 2% of the population of Pakistan is classified as Christian. Being the minority in a such a dominant Muslim nation brings danger, hardship and much persecution. Everyone of those attending had faced some sort of persecution, it’s the simple reality of what they live with every day.

Our sessions ministering on forgiveness were some of the most powerful during the school, it was beautiful to see hearts open and the Father pour in forgiveness, many were deeply touched. Gunilla’s sessions on the Motherheart of God really were deeply impacting as many had never heard that God loves us with tenderness and comfort.

Next year we are planning a return visit to Pakistan, it has opened up for us, which for us is a dream come true. Our hope is that we will now see many throughout the nation discover who their real Father is.

Loads of love,

– Andy & Gunilla Glover – Fatherheart Ministries


When I attended this ‘A’ School, the teaching about forgiveness really impacted by heart and I got the revelation in my heart that God is my Father and he loves me a lot.


Blessing in Father’s precious Love!

I wanna say that the Father is really bringing this revelation to us. The sessions of forgiveness were very powerful and life changing for me. And I see now that He can complete our need for both Mother and Father too.

Thank you very much!


This was my first seminar and this ‘A’ School has really impacted my life according to will of my Heavenly Father. I’m thankful to Father that He made it possible for me to attend this School. I wish to attend more schools and seminars like this one through all the days of life.


Blessings to All of you!

I received this revelation in my heart, that God is love and He is always with us. We can love others for He first loved us.


I was not serious about this school but when the school started, from the very first the Father started touching my heart. He started pouring His love into my heart. My life is changed now and looking forward to attending the school again.


The sessions about the Trinity a true blessing and very full and it was very good and new thing to me. All the practical applications were great too.

Thank you very much!

Pastor Tahir

The one thing I want to say is this: relationship with the Father is a heart to heart relationship. The other thing was about the Orphan heart and slavery of Orphan spirit, it was a great revelation I received in this school. I also understand now that God our Father is freedom, lover and He is free forever. He is not in any slavery of sin and He wants his sons to be free like Him. Sessions about Storge Love were amazing and blessed too.

Pastor Jameel

I see now that I have to forgive others from my heart not through our minds like most of us normally do. The forgiveness sessions really impacted my life changed me for good.


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