It is a great day, and a new beginning.
7 Nov, 2022

It has been a really wonderful time together this week completing the transfer of the responsibility for FHM to the Pillars group. There are seven more people who are Pillars who were not able to be here unfortunately. They are: Frank Naea, Peter and Heather Jackson, Hugo and Inger Leemputten and Hans and Bodil Fhar Larsen.

We want to thank every single one of those who have been a part of this ministry over the last 25 years since Denise and I hopped onto an aeroplane back in October 1997. All of you who have given your hearts and hands to this ministry, in whatever way, for whatever duration and at whatever cost to yourselves are so appreciated and I pray your investment continues to return blessing upon blessing back to you.

Together we have played a part in realigning the gospel back into the arms of our Father, who showed His Love by His sending His Son to lay down His life and bring many sons and daughters home.

It is a great day, and a new beginning.

– James Jordan

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