The Motherheart Series

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The Motherheart series MP3 bundle includes:
  1. The Restoration of the Image of God
  2. The War Against the Feminine
  3. The Motherheart of God

We encourage you to listen to these teachings in this particular order to truly grasp the incredible revelation brought to us by Denise Jordan.

The Restoration of the Image of God

Genesis tells us that God made man in his own image and the expression of Gods image was both masculine and feminine (Gen 1:27). This insightful teaching describes the characteristics of the feminine and masculine images which reveal the full nature of God and speaks powerfully to our own human identity.

The War Against the Feminine

Following on her teaching: The Restoration of the Image of God, Denise Jordan reveals clearly from scripture the origins of misogyny. She also shares from her own life story how a revelation she received from the Lord, brought redemption and a realisation of the power of the true feminine. Let the richness of ‘a lifetime of seeking the Lord’ feed your heart as you listen to this groundbreaking message.

The Motherheart of God

“As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you; and you will be comforted…” (Isaiah 66:13). Here God is likening Himself to a mother comforting her child! Can a God have a mother’s heart? And if this so – What does this mean for each one of us? In this teaching, Denise Jordan reveals throughout the pages of the Bible, God’s heart of nurture and comfort towards us that He longs for each of us to know.

By Denise Jordan

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