The Re-Union
By Richard & Nia Jones
27 Mar, 2023

The Re-Union has been a rich and completely unique event, truly unlike anything we have held previously. There has been no plan other than to be together as family, but each day as we have gathered Father has led us into wide open spaces of revelation and connection. From day one, everyone laid their hearts bare. Vulnerability has marked us all. It has been amazing to experience such depth of relationship in such a short time and it will be difficult to go our separate ways as the Re-Union draws to a close. Of this I am certain, we will look back and reflect on this time together as a milestone individually and as a family. As ever, there’s no going back…

Richard and Nia Jones delight to see Father transforming the hearts of people around the world. That transformation is ongoing in every aspect of their own lives, including in their marriage and in their relationships with their children. Simultaneously, Father continues leading the couple into new dimensions of adventure.

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