The Gathering Canada 2022 #2
By Richard & Nia Jones
19 Aug, 2022

For four years we have been dreaming of a Fatherheart Ministries family Gathering with James and Denise in North America – Father has gone “Above and Beyond!” To say these three weeks have been profoundly impacting would be gross understatement. Father has blown out the walls of our tiny minds and taken us into the vastness of his heart and wisdom. We arrived as individuals (or couples), and he has invited us into friendship, into family, joining us heart to heart. It will be weeks and months before the dust settles from our time here; the beauty will continue to be seen and unveiled for years to come. Such is the expansion of his gold within us. It has been truly wonderful to experience James and Denise back leading from the prophetic edge, carrying us into the heart of God as they have always done but even more. We are in the new season! It’s already going “Above and Beyond!”


Richard and Nia Jones delight to see Father transforming the hearts of people around the world. That transformation is ongoing in every aspect of their own lives, including in their marriage and in their relationships with their children. Simultaneously, Father continues leading the couple into new dimensions of adventure.

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