The Deaf are experiencing the love of God the Father!
By Gunnar Dehli
13 Feb, 2023

In cooperation with Deaf Action Uganda we did a life changing Fatherheart School for the Deaf in Lira, Uganda the last week of January.
45 people from all over Uganda were gathered at a Vocational School for Disabled for five days. The aim was to learn and to experience how Father is loving us as Sons and Daughters.

The teaching sessions were from 9am to 6pm every day. Still, the Deaf often expressed: “Continue, we want more!”

The last day, we had a testimony time. Nearly everybody wanted to testify about what they had received during the week. Here are some examples:

  • I am not the same person now as I was when I came. I had a hard heart. Father has changed it.
  • I had conflicts with my father and had plans of revenge. Now I have forgiven him and I have no desire to tell him about his faults.
  • I haven’t had any contact with my father for a long time. He planned to kill me. This week I have forgiven him. I have written a letter to him. I want to be a son to my father.
  • I have forgiven my mother this week and my heart has become so full of joy
  • Now I have learned about the Trinity and that Jesus teach us to pray to Father
  • I am so deeply touched, learned so much and received revelations
  • I am not confused any more, I have experienced Father loving me
  • The school in Lira has really been a blessing!

During the school, we laid hands on Josephat Mulongo Iyadi as a new Fatherheart A School leader. He is now the first Deaf Team leader in Fatherheart Ministries. We were also blessed to have Rani Dass Supperamaniam in our team, together with Samuel Begumisa and his wife Moreen. Josephat, Sam and myself has now travelled to Lusaka where we in cooperation with Deaf Action Zambia are arranging a similar week. Here we are a group of 26 people gathered. We are really looking forward to what Father will do among these Deaf this week!

– Gunnar Dehli

Gunnar and Ingrid Dehli, of Oslo, Norway, share a distinctive niche in Fatherheart Ministries ~ bringing the revelation of the Father’s love to the hearing-impaired.

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