Re-Union Registration

To join the Re-Union school please complete the registration form below.

Re-Union Fees

Break down of the fees for the Re-Union.

The balance of your Re-Union fees settlement will be organised by our registrar after your registration is accepted. The only cost required to submit your registration is the NZD $60 non-refundable registration fee.

Accommodation Fee
The accommodation fee varies depending on which option you choose. Tuition is included in this fee:

A Options: NZD $4,550.00
B Options: NZD $4,350.00
C Options: NZD $4,150.00
D Options: NZD $3,950.00

Accompanying Spouse* and Above 13 Age: NZD $3,000.00
Accompanying Child 6-12 year old: NZD $2,500.00
Accompanying Child 3 -5 year old: NZD $1,500.00

* Accompanying Spouse fees do not apply to Re-Union students.

Ferry Cost per person: NZD $380.00
To get to Orama, students will take a Ferry from Auckland Harbour to Great Barrier Island. This cost is separate from the school fees.

Special Dietary Requirement: NZ $200.00
Orama is able to cater for special dietry requirement such as vegetarian, vegan, diabetic, low carb, low sugar, gluten free, dairy free,  and nut free diets.

Registration fee: NZD $60.00 (non-refundable)
(paid when submitting your registration form)

Immigration information

If you are traveling from overseas you need to check the New Zealand Immigration website to see if you are able to enter New Zealand. Please click here for more info.

Important information

8 November – 7 December, 2024

Orama, Great Barrier Island, New Zealand


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