March 3rd – 31st, 2023

A one-month gathering for those who want a deeper union with Father and one another.

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Re-Union is a one-month gathering for people who have been part of Fatherheart Ministries and have attended at least one FHM School. The focus is to bring people together who want a deeper union with Father and with one another.

Re-Union will centre around teachings, group discussions, food, fun, rest, and contemplation. Re-Union will create a nurturing environment for us to grow in awareness of God in us and grow in imparting the heart of Father.

Looking ahead

with Denise Jordan


Community life is a wonderful way to accelerate learning what it is to be a part of the Body of Christ on Earth.

It allows us to extend ourselves for the greater good of others, as we are formed into the image of His Son.

It is a challenging, grace-growing, and life-changing way to experience relationships with each other and with our Father. As this happens, we can begin to minister the heart of our Father from a more authentic place of genuine love.

Dennis Wiedrick once said, “Jack Winter was like an eagle with two wings. One wing is the Love of the Father and the second is Community.” Jack could see that to be truly, authentically the Body of Christ, as sons and daughters, we need to be in a place together so we can learn how to love unconditionally.

The one-month gathering aims to further immerse those who already feel drawn to the revelation of the Father, and who have an affinity with us, to go deeper into these values. We look to deepen our relationships together and to broaden our understanding of Father’s heart for each other by living, sharing, hearing, and playing together. As James Jordan says, “If this revelation doesn’t change our relationships, then it’s just words.”


“If this revelation doesn’t change our relationships, then it’s just words.”

– James Jordan


We will be gathering in Orama which is located on Aotea, Great Barrier Island – a half-hour flight from Auckland, New Zealand.  Orama is set down in its own valley on the picturesque western facing Karaka Bay. It is where James and Denise first met with Jack Winter and where all our Spiritual Fathers converged. It is a place away from the busyness of the world, where we can connect with Father and with one another in the beauty of His creation.

Orama, Great Barrier Island

To find out more about Orama visit their website:

Who will be facilitating?

James & Denise Jordan

James and Denise Jordan are the founders of Fatherheart Ministries.

Dass & Rani

Dass and Rani have spent many years leading the INS school at Orama.

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