Taking His Love into Pakistan 🇵🇰
Sponsorship Project
11 Jul, 2024

Project Details

  • Pakistan ‘A’ School Date: 18-29 October, 2024
  • Funds needed: $30,000 (USD)
  • Needed by: 10 October, 2024
  • School Leaders: Andy & Gunilla Glover / Edward & Joanna Ahmad

Since 2018 we have been doing Fatherheart schools in Pakistan. To this point we have done four “A” Schools and one “B” School. At each “A” school we have had an attendance of over 100. It has been a life changing experience for many that have attended, we have come face to face with those from Muslim backgrounds, Afghani Refugees, Eunuchs, and women who have been rescued from abusive relationships. For us as well, we have seen the Father do far more than we ever expected when we began this adventure. Our heart is to bring this revelation of the Father and His love to as many as possible while the window of opportunity is open. (pic below from the 2019 School)

In October we go back again to Pakistan. This time we will be doing a conference in Karachi, another one in Islamabad and then we will be going up into the mountains to do an “A” School. We are opening the school up for 120 participants, most of whom will be from Muslim backgrounds. We will also have Afghani refugees and some girls who have been rescued.

We are making room and finances available for 120 students for the “A” School, and for the conferences. In addition, we have our travel and accommodation. The total cost of the schools is $30,000 (USD). Already we have seen the Father supplying this need as we have been sharing the story of what the Father is doing in Pakistan.

It is a step of faith for us to go to Pakistan. Could we ask that you prayerfully consider partnering with us? Every gift will be used to bring the Love of the Father to the Urdu people.

Thanks for your amazing generosity and love.

Partner with using one of the links below. Please note “Pakistan” on your sponsorship donation.

Much Love,
– Andy & Gunilla, FHM

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