Sonship in Haitian Creole
Sponsorship Project
31 Mar, 2023

Hi Friends,

A year ago, with three of our translators, we started the project of translating James Jordan’s book Sonship into Haitian Creole!

Even during the translation of the book, Nathan and Flaubert would have moments when Father would come and make himself even more real to them. There were moments when they would be working on chapters like Heart Forgiveness and God the Father would come as a Mother to them, bringing comfort to places in their hearts that had never experienced His love before. So beautiful!

How you can participate

We are currently starting up a project to print and distribute 500 books to multiple locations throughout Haiti.

We would like to extend an invitation to you to be a part of this project. Below is a sponsorship form which allows you to gift one or more of the Sonship books to be printed in Haiti. The total cost to print and distribute one book is $5.00 U.S. Dollars.

Imagine the gift of someone reading the book Sonship in their own language for the first time!

Much love,
– Jody and Shannon Smith

To give to this project please use this donation form:

500 goal
(This sponsorship campaign has closed)

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