Bringing Hope to Pakistan…
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14 Jul, 2023

Bringing Hope to Pakistan…

In early September (2023) we are taking a team to do a Fatherheart “A” and a “B” school in the north of Pakistan. This will be our fourth “A” School and our first “B” School. Last year we witnessed the Father pouring His love out in extraordinary ways. Here is an excerpt from last year’s school….

“Our testimony time today was very special, many of the students came to testify to meeting the Father, many cried as they shared, it was very evident that they had met with the Father in a special way. One man fell to the floor weeping loudly and testifying to having met God as Father and Mother, we were all moved. I personally have never seen so many grown men cry.”

As we prepare for this year, we have come to understand that we are going into a nation that is ready for the “Revelation of The Father”, the door is wide open, the hearts are ready and its a “now moment” in the history of Pakistan. We carry a lot of anticipation as we get ready this this adventure.

We are making room and finances available for 110 Students for the “A” School and 50 for the “B” School. In addition to our travel and accommodation the total cost of the schools is $25,000 (USD). Already we have seen the Father supplying this need as we have been sharing the story of last year. It is a step of faith for us as we step back into Pakistan. Could we ask that you prayerfully considering partnering with us? Every gift will be used for bring the Love of the Father to the Urdu people.

Thanks for your amazing generosity and love.

Much love,

– Andy & Gunilla
Fatherheart Ministries

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