The Heart Series


The Heart series MP3 bundle includes:
  • The Centrality of the Heart
  • Heart of Sonship
  • Heart Forgiveness
  • The Eyes of the Heart

Christianity is an issue of the heart. That’s why we have bundled these 4 foundational teachings about ‘The Heart’ brought to us by James Jordan.

Heart of Sonship

Jesus goes by many titles but the title he always choose for himself was that of a Son. Son of God, Son of David, Son of Man and even the Son of Joseph. Building on the foundation laid out for us in his Heart Forgiveness teaching, James Jordan expands on the crucial journey we must all go on to restore our hearts and live in our true identity as beloved Sons and Daughters of God.

Heart Forgiveness

Many of us have been taught that forgiveness is merely a decision, or an act of the will. What if this was only part of the story? In this ground breaking teaching James Jordan shares from his real life events how the Spirit of God revealed the key blockage in all of our hearts. He leads us through the steps Jesus taught us to a true forgiveness that sets our hearts free and brings us into a revelation of the Fathers love.

The Centrality of the Heart

When the pressure comes on in our life, what’s truly in our hearts comes to the surface. We can be shocked and disappointed by what we find is there. So how do we really come to maturity in our faith? What brings true and lasting change in our lives? In this teaching James Jordan opens our eyes to an unseen life giving truth that has been right in front of us. He brings profound biblical insight that will set your heart on the journey to real freedom.

The Eyes of the Heart

Many of us have been taught by the world to train our minds and to highly value education and knowledge. But is this really the way God intended for us to live the Christian life? What is the true meaning of understanding? In this prophetic teaching James takes us on a journey through scripture revealing how revelation opens the eyes of our hearts and allows us to really see the heart of God.

By James Jordan

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