Our True Identity: An Interpretation Of Galatians


“I believe this letter is the most significant and important piece of Christian literature ever written. It is the bedrock and foundation of all other Christian truth. It comes directly from the heart of God the Father through Jesus into the heart of Paul and out through his pen into our hearts.  As we read this letter we receive this revelation.

In this book Stephen Hill brings a freshness and revelatory interpretation of this magnificent and all-important letter of the Apostle Paul and contributes to the opening of our eyes.

In Stephen’s own inimitable style, he takes us into the language and world of Paul and leads us to a rich and deep place. Stephen’s insights and thoughts come also from the revelation he has received. They open up to us in the 21st century the heart and revelation of Paul. To read this book will open the eyes of your heart to this wonderful truth.”

— From the Foreword by Trevor Galpin

By Stephen Hill

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