INS Main registration Form

To be completed by everyone attending the INS.

INS Main Registration Form

Important information

INS Dates:
29 September - 8 December, 2023

Orama, Great Barrier Island, New Zealand

Registration Fee
NZ$60 (non-refundable)
Will be collected when submitting registration form.

School Fees:
NZ$7,950 - NZ$10,500
Varies depending on which accommodation package you choose. This fee includes accommodation, meals and tuition fees. For a full overview of the school fees click here

Special Dietary Requirements:
Orama is able to cater for special dietary requirements such as gluten & dairy intolerance, vegetarian, etc.

Ferry Cost
Approximately NZ$380
To get to Orama, students will take a ferry from Auckland Harbour to Great Barrier Island. This cost is separate from the school fees.

School fee settlement will be organised by our Registrar after your registration is accepted.

Immigration information

If you are travelling from overseas you need to check the New Zealand Immigration website to see if you are able to enter New Zealand. Please click here for more info.

What costs are involved in joining the INS?

To join the INS, there are a number of different costs we would like you to be aware of. Please find below a break down of the costs involved to join the 3 month INS in New Zealand:
  • INS School Fees - Tuition, food and accommodation. This cost will vary based upon which accommodation package you choose, see here
  • Registration Fee - There is a NZ$60 non-refundable registration fee that you will pay as you submit your INS Main Application form
  • Airfare - Visiting New Zealand from overseas means you will need to purchase your own airplane ticket
  • Medical & Travel insurance
  • A ticket for the Ferry - As an INS student, you will travel to Great Barrier Island on a ferry. The cost for a return ticket is NZ$380 (approximate) per person. This is an additional fee
  • Special diet - If you require a special diet, additional costs are involved: Gluten Free & other Medical Meal Plans are NZ$440 per person. This is an additional fee.
  • NZeTA or Visa - There is a small fee for applying for a New Zealand NZeTA (NZ$17 - NZ$23). For more info visit: If you are not eligible to apply for an NZeTA, a New Zealand Visitor Visa will have higher application fees. Please visit the New Zealand Immigration page to check the criteria.
  • Pocket money - Even though the INS is all inclusive (school fees, food & accommodation) you might like to keep some extra cash at hand to buy some snacks or visit the local shops in the weekend.

What happens after I submit my INS application?

Upon receiving your required application and reference forms, the INS Registrar will arrange for a personal video call or telephone interview.

Do I need a visa to enter New Zealand?

Since the 1st of October 2019, most visitors to New Zealand will need to request an NZeTA (New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority) to enter the country.

The NZeTA will enable travellers from 60 visa-waiver countries to stay in NZ for up to three months.

For more information about the NZeTA and to apply for one, please visit:

If you are not eligable to apply for an NZeTA, you will need to apply for a New Zealand Visitor Visa. Please visit the New Zealand Immigration page to check the criteria.

You do not need a visa if you are travelling on a New Zealand or Australian passport or hold New Zealand or Australian Permanent Residency.

Do I need insurance?

Medical insurance is compulsory for all international INS participants and is also strongly recommended for all New Zealand participants.
Travel insurance is not compulsory but it is highly recommended as any costs or damages incurred during your travel are your personal responsibility.

Do I need a passport to apply for INS?

All non-New Zealand residents applying for the INS need to have a passport that is valid at least 6 months after the conclusion of the school.

You will not be able to enter New Zealand without a passport.

Can I bring children to the INS?

Yes, you are able to bring children to the INS.

You will need to provide your children's details through the INS Accompanying Child Form.

Please note: Families with children under the age of 14 need to provide care for their children: this can be an accompanying spouse or nanny. This person will need to complete an INS Accompanying Adult Form.


If you have any questions please use the contact form below: