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Stephen Hill journeyed from his birth home of Belfast, Northern Ireland, in 2008 to “the very edge of the world” for an Irishman ~ a remote island off the coast of New Zealand. The reason was to seek answers to cries of his heart.

His “mature and well-established Christianity was in ruins,” he recounts in his book ‘Freedom From Religion’. His extensive Bible knowledge, anointing in spiritual gifts and lifelong involvement in ministry hadn’t been enough to sustain a successful walk with God.

Stephen heard a CD featuring James Jordan and was subsequently drawn to the longest school offered through James’ Fatherheart Ministries ~ the three-month ‘Inheriting the Nations School: The Journey of Sonship’, held on New Zealand’s Great Barrier Island.

While there, Stephen repeatedly experienced a physical sensation of “the supernatural infilling of God’s comforting love.” Thus he discovered that “the foundation of Christianity is the comfort of a parental God.”

The following year, while he was a staff member at the school, he met a New Zealander, Becky, who would become his wife. Stephen moved from Ireland to New Zealand in 2009 and joined a Fatherheart Ministries team in the resort town of Taupo in 2010. He has helped James and Denise Jordan write and publish their books, while writing several works of his own and maintaining a blog, found at Stephen also shares his thought-provoking and inspiring insights at Fatherheart Ministries schools and events.

He and Becky have two school-age children, a son Jacob and a daughter Jessie. The family is relocating to Belfast this year.

Stephen enjoys reading, particularly historical, biographical and journalistic works, as well as memoirs, diaries and poetry. Among his other favorite pastimes are walking in nature and exploring cities. He also relishes good conversation.

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