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Richard and Nia Jones delight to see Father transforming the hearts of people around the world. That transformation is ongoing in every aspect of their own lives, including in their marriage and in their relationships with their children. Simultaneously, Father continues leading the couple into new dimensions of adventure.

Before joining Fatherheart Ministries, Richard and Nia (NEE-ah) were missionaries for more than two decades. They spent the first decade focused on a large unreached people group on one of Indonesia’s thousands of islands. Later they relocated to Malaysia for 14 years to concentrate on teaching biblical studies.

Between these two terms, Richard undertook theological studies and served in various churches in the United Kingdom. During a prayer meeting one evening in 1999, he was cut to the heart by conviction of his inability to receive and experience God as his personal Father. This milestone event ignited Richard and Nia’s pursuit of God’s parental reality, a life-altering quest that continues to this day.

In 2006, Richard was invited to be part of the ministry team at a conference in Malaysia’s capital, Kuala Lumpur, that was led by James Jordan. James’ inspiring and revelational preaching upended Richard’s world. Nia had a similar experience soon after.

The following year, the couple and a ministry team Richard was leading traveled to New Zealand to attend an A School led by James and Denise. B Schools and other key events with the Jordans followed. Richard and Nia joined Fatherheart Ministries in late 2009.

Since then they have participated in dozens of schools, including helping to revise and reopen the Inheriting the Nations School on New Zealand’s Great Barrier Island in 2012. Today they delight to roam the nations, leading A and B Schools and other residential expressions of Fatherheart Ministries.

Richard was born in Hersham in southeastern England. Nia was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. They met while on a ministry endeavor in Lombok, Indonesia, and married in 1992. They have two adult daughters, Hannah and Stephanie.

Most recently Richard and Nia lived in the United Kingdom for several years, but they’ve downsized to their suitcases until their planned return to Penang, Malaysia, in October.

Nia enjoys swimming, card making, sewing, writing poetry and solitude. Richard enjoys hiking, swimming, riding motorcycles and writing. He shares his insights at In 2020, Richard walked the Camino de Santiago, a 780-kilometre trek that begins in France, crosses the Pyrenees Mountains and ends in Spain.

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