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Peter and Heather Jackson’s immersion in the Father’s love goes back to 1983 and the man who might be described as the father of the Father’s heart revelation ~ Jack Winter.

That year was when the Jacksons attended a school in Martinsville, Indiana, that Jack had founded as part of his Daystar Ministries. As the school began, Peter felt as if his heart was being turned upside down, but actually it was being turned right side up, he says, as he confronted long-suppressed pain from his childhood. Healing came as he experienced Father-God’s unconditional love, illustrating Jack’s core message.

Ever since, the Jacksons have been proclaiming the revelation of the Father’s love and grace, taking them to venues around the world.

Both Peter and Heather grew up in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. After graduating from high school, they studied business, with Heather graduating from Oakville’s Sylvia Gill Business College.

Following the pivotal 1983 school, Peter served from 1984-1987 as director of Christian Maturity Seminars for Daystar Ministries in Martinsville. Concurrently, the Jacksons spoke at Youth With A Mission’s Discipleship Training Schools from 1984-1990.

Peter served as base director of Daystar’s Zion Harbor Christian Family Camp in Federal Dam, Minnesota, from 1987-1989.

Then the Jacksons planted a Vineyard Church in Barrie, Ontario, which they led from 1990-1995.

As part of ‘The Father’s Blessing’ revival in Toronto, the Jackson’s founded the Catch the Fire Toronto School of Ministry in 1995 and directed it until 1997. Also in 1995, Jack invited the Jacksons to a Father’s heart forum in Pasadena, California, where the couple met James and Denise Jordan. The Jordans would launch Fatherheart Ministries with Jack in 1997.

The Jackson’s served in itinerant ministry from 1997-2020, emphasizing Father’s love and walking with Him as His sons and daughters.

Now Peter is speaking in churches and for YWAM while promoting the offering of a Fatherheart Ministries A School in 2023 in Muskoka, Ontario.

Peter has spoken at the Fatherheart Ministries Inheriting the Nations School: The Journey of Sonship, held on New Zealand’s Great Barrier Island, and attended Fatherheart Ministries’ Summit in Maryland in 2019.

The Jacksons, now based in Bracebridge, Ontario, have three adult children ~ Kimberly, Shannon and Joshua ~ and five grandchildren.

Peter enjoys gardening, walking and hiking. Heather enjoys reading and encouraging others.

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