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Hugo and Inger Van Leemputten testify that nothing heals more than the love of the Father ~ not only spiritually and emotionally but physically. They know this firsthand through the miraculous healing of Hugo in 1988 of terminal non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

The couple, who live in a suburb of Leuven, a university town in Belgium, bring this broad perspective to Fatherheart Ministries. Their mission, Hugo says, is “to tell people they have a Father who wants them in good health ~ spirit, soul and body.”

Hugo was born in Belgium and Inger in Congo, Central Africa. Both grew up in a suburb of Antwerp, one of Belgium’s largest cities.

Hugo studied agriculture and photography, and worked as a civil servant in Antwerp. Inger worked as a nurse. They have a son, Sam.

Hugo’s well-documented healing from cancer puzzled the medical world. It also dramatically changed how the couple relates to Father and prompted a local revival.

The Van Leemputtens were invited in 1991 to speak to students at the Catholic University of Leuven on divine healing. Then a doctor invited them to help lead a prayer group at his home. He offered his patients the choice of a prayer time instead of a typical consultation, drawing a large response. Salvations and testimonies of God’s touch on people ensued, and the prayer group grew so much that it was moved to a hall. Hugo took a leave from work to help with the endeavor. In 1994, he started the church God’s Ambassade (Embassy).

In 1999, Hugo and Inger were introduced by a pastor friend to James Jordan. James invited them to a Fatherheart event in Toulouse, southern France, and he and his wife, Denise, spoke at the Van Leemputtens’ church. Hugo and Inger then attended the Jordans’ first A School in the Netherlands in 2004.

The following year, the Van Leemputtens hosted an A School in Belgium with James as the speaker. That became an annual event. Hugo and Inger began leading the A Schools themselves in 2011.

Hugo also directs a healing school, teaches at Bible schools, is a board member of the Federal Synode of Protestant and Evangelical Churches of Belgium, and is an author. Inger is a worship leader and songwriter, and teaches at the healing school.

The couple enjoys hiking, sailing and reading. Hugo also collects model trains.

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