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Gunnar and Ingrid Dehli, of Oslo, Norway, share a distinctive niche in Fatherheart Ministries ~ bringing the revelation of the Father’s love to the deaf.

The direction of their careers and calling was set after one of their three sons was born deaf. God spoke to them individually about how to reveal the love of the Father to others experiencing deafness. The couple studied special education and sign language, earning advanced degrees.

Gunnar has served as a teacher; a principal; general secretary of The Signo Foundation, which provides services for the deaf and deaf-blind of all ages; and a leader of Deaf Ministries International, based in Australia and Norway. Ingrid has served as a teacher, a principal, and a leader of departments that offer guidance, lectures and research related to the deaf. For five years she led a program that provides sign-based education for deaf children in China.

Both Gunnar and Ingrid have retired but remain involved in leadership roles in churches.

Gunnar is primarily focused now on leading Fatherheart schools for the deaf in Europe and Africa. Ingrid is joining Gunnar more in this endeavor. The couple also is presenting Fatherheart schools for the hearing in Norway. They especially love to minister to young people.

Their connection with Fatherheart began when Gunnar was invited by fellow Norwegian Olav Slåtten to attend an A School for ministry leaders in Norway in 2012. The whole of the Trinity became real to Gunnar as he entered into an experiential relationship with Father.

He and Ingrid attended a Fatherheart Gathering in 2014 in New Zealand, and Gunnar completed Fatherheart’s School of Prophetic Preaching in 2018. Both have attended several Fatherheart A and B schools and conferences in Norway and other countries.

Their three sons ~ Øyvind, Åsmund and Sigurd ~ and their wives have given Gunnar and Ingrid eight grandchildren.

The couple, who have a home near the forest and a cabin by the sea, enjoy the outdoors. Their pastimes include hiking, running, kayaking, swimming and cross-country skiing. Gunnar also enjoys building projects, driving vehicles and hunting. Ingrid loves to spend time with their grandchildren, who range in age from preschool through adult.

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