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Edward and Joanna Ahmad entered the realm of the Father’s love after taking winding paths through various countries and career pursuits.

Edward was born in Dhaka, East Pakistan, now Bangladesh. In his teen years he moved with his parents to Kansas City, Missouri, USA where he studied general engineering. In 1971 he came to the United Kingdom, where he earned degrees in mechanical engineering and business administration. Then he worked primarily in manufacturing, including the automotive, aerospace and nuclear industries, and in management for global businesses.

Joanna was born in Ovington, in the county of Norfolk, England. She later lived in Portugal and the U.S.A.’s North Carolina. Joanna earned a diploma in pastoral and clinical counselling and among her various career roles served as a residential social worker, drug awareness teacher and rehabilitation counsellor.

She and Edward would marry later in life, settling in Rochdale, near Manchester, England.

Both Edward and Joanna were drawn to inner healing ministries. In the 2000s they became Restoring the Foundations ministers and trainers, and later were trained in Bethel Church’s Sozo Ministries.

Somewhat concurrently, they were introduced to the revelation of the father heart of God. Edward met Jack Frost in 2001 and James Jordan in 2002. He attended some of Fatherheart Ministries’ earliest schools, including the first school offered in the U.K., in the early 2000s. Joanna began attending the schools in 2012.

Together they served as senior leaders of a church from 2013 to 2018, while continuing their involvement in Fatherheart Ministries.

Edward’s primary focus now is “to know God as love . . .  and have people discover that He is love and an amazing Father who wants to bless us, far beyond what we think or imagine.”

Similarly, Joanna’s passion is “knowing more of the love of the Father and pouring that love into the one in front of me.”

The Ahmad’s have ministered at various Fatherheart Ministries schools, including in the U.K., the United States, Thailand, the Philippines and Uganda. They attended Fatherheart Ministries’ Gathering in 2016, Inheriting the Nations School in 2018, and School of Prophetic Preaching in 2019. They also attended the ministry’s Gathering of the Eagles in 2016 in Cyprus and its Summit in 2019, held in Maryland, USA.

Edward has two adult sons, Martin and Raymond, from his marriage to his first wife, who died of cancer. Joanna has two adult daughters, Emma and Sally. Through their combined families, the Ahmad’s have three grandchildren.

The couple enjoy hiking, horseback riding, diving, gardening, traveling and occasionally extreme sports, including a tandem sky dive for Edward’s 70th birthday.

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