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When Dass Supperamaniam and his wife, Rani, found themselves at the end of their strength in 2005, they were led into a revelation of God as their Father that brought them into more freedom and rest.

The scene was set when a missionary friend asked them to organise a meeting featuring Fatherheart Ministries founder James Jordan at their church in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. There, Dass and Rani met James and heard him speak for the first time.

“We were drawn into the revelation of the Father from the very first message we heard.”

They attended Fatherheart Ministries schools, the ministry’s month-long Gathering and its three-month Inheriting the Nations School: The Journey of Sonship. Dass also attended its School of Prophetic Preaching.

Now the couple live to facilitate a loving and restful environment where God’s love can manifest among others.

Both Dass and Rani grew up in Malaysia as speakers of the Tamil language of southern India. Their grandparents came from India’s southern states of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. The couple have a home in Ipoh, the capitol of Malaysia’s Perak state.

They were missionaries for twenty years, serving in Asia and Africa. Since 2011, they have served in Fatherheart Ministries, leading schools around the world and the annual Inheriting the Nations School, held on New Zealand’s Great Barrier Island.

Dass and Rani have three adult children: a son, Ezra, and two daughters, Erin and Erica.

Dass enjoys cooking and biking. Rani enjoys gardening, hiking and loving on people.

“We love to connect with people,” say Dass and Rani , “and to manifest the love and nature of Father in everyday life.”

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