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André and Sandra emigrated with their 3 children from The Netherlands to New Zealand in 2004. They have been married 31 years.

André and Sandra have 3 adult children; Sanne, Job and Julia. They all live in Tauranga, close to their parents.

In The Netherlands, André ran a Flower Export business with his family members for over 20 years. Sandra was an Aerobic Instructor before she made the move to New Zealand with her young family.

After the arrival in New Zealand the couple soon set up various businesses, they are both business entrepreneurs.

In 2007, a couple offered to baby-sit their 3 (then young) children, so they could attend a Fatherheart A – School. After completing the school they both felt being thrust upon a pathway full of life-changing events and miracles. In André’s own words; “The ‘things’ spoken of and experienced during that first School have been instrumental and became the bedrock of how I experience Christianity in all aspects of my life both as a son and as a husband and father”. Sandra was deeply impacted by “The tangible Love that was exuding from the speakers and the staff in the room during that week” The repercussions of this Love still find its way in her day to day life .

What followed was a 2-way acceleration of events which André explains as a ‘Losing everything to find everything’ The couple started to lose their business ventures and pretty much all of their invested finances in a rapid fashion. Simultaneously they recognized part of the call that was on their lives and by laying down their own agendas and letting God minister His Love to them they decided to seize from all activities and turn to a life surrendered to Him, trusting that He would lead them in whatever way. This resulted in the adventure of travelling extensively, entirely living by faith, with their young family. They have lived and worked in Malaysia for 2 years and attended the 3-month long Fatherheart Inheriting the Nations School at Great Barrier Island in 2012. To this day the children still speak of these adventurous and trans-formative years of their lives.

Over the last 20 years André and Sandra were fulfilling roles in different Ministries (YWAM, Tauranga House of Prayer and Fatherheart Ministries) and for the last 17 years the couple has attended numerous Fatherheart Events both as participants and in roles of supporting leadership. In February 2024 André & Sandra were commissioned as FHM A School Leaders.

They both have a deep desire to see the fulfilment of the New Covenant Promise of God the Father being firmly established in their own hearts and in the hearts of God’s people. They have seen the Love of the Father, being poured out in the hearts of His children, being the Crown on the redemptive work of the cross, through Jesus.

Sandra loves hiking, working out in the gym whilst listening to upbeat music. She is a natural gatherer and enjoys being surrounded by people.

If André is not joining Sandra on a hike he enjoys reading and writing as well as fishing and watching documentaries.

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